Name: Radislav Mihajlov 
Date of birth: September 25, 1993 in Zrenjanin, Serbia
His backup: Family, friends and sponsors
His Passion: Stuntriding
Motto: Never give up!

I have bikes in my blood. My grandfather had a bike, father and brother also have had their bikesbut nobody wasn't looking on motorcylces like on sport.
I found a lot of good riders like Angyal Zoltan, Chris Pfeiffer, Feri Potzner on internet, and I was stunned by their awesome stunts. I wanted to try some of those stunts. And so it all began, with plenty of hard work and lots of training.

How it all began: After leaving football I've began to deal with extreme sport called stunt riding. My first bike was Kymco Super 9s. After I learned some basic tricks, I've continued with Yamaha Aerox to raise riding skills to the highest level.

I have appeared in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.After hundreds of falls as physically so mentally, I've been always get up and tried it harder.
By winning all competitions in 2012., I officially became one of the best scooter stunt riders.

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Thank you all on support, and remember:

Never give up!


Radislav Mihajlov